GDG Tunis & Sesame Google Club are pleased to invite you to being a part of their Polymer Polytechnic event IT’S HACKADEMIC WITH POLYMER @ SESAME in November 19,2014.

Web Components usher in a new era of web development based on encapsulated and interoperable custom elements that extend HTML itself. Built atop these new standards, Polymer makes it easier and faster to create anything from a button to a complete application across desktop, mobile, and beyond.

Polymer is a new kind of library, built atop Web Components, that enables developers to create their own encapsulated, custom HTML elements. With Polymer and Web Components, you can componentize the Web !

Event Agenda :

– Introductory presentation (45 min)

– Coffee Break (15-20 min)

– Polymer Basics (15 min)

– Tutorial Code lab (45 min)

– Break (5-10 min)

– Maps Code lab (35 min)

– Closing (5 min)

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